Anpanman Character Guide
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This is a list of main and recurring characters in the anime series "Soreike! Anpanman." It holds the record for most characters in an animated series. With episodes hard to find, and most of the info about them in Japanese, it's hard for English-speakers to get to know them. I created this page to be an easy reference for many of the popular characters.

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The titular hero of the series, Anpanman is a superhero with a head made of anpan (bread roll filled with bean jam). He is a very kind and selfless hero. He flies around to patrol the land to find anyone in need. If he finds anyone who is hungry, he can remove pieces of his head to feed to them, but he gets weaker the more pieces are given away. If his head is ever damaged or dirty, he loses power. Uncle Jam can bake him a replacement head, and his power will be restored. His body derives power from the anko (bean jam) in his head. He lives at Uncle Jam's bakery, where he was born. His signature attack is his "anpunch" (combination of "anpan" and "punch").


A superhero with a head made of currypan (flaky bread filled with curry). Currypanman is hotheaded and proud, claiming to make the best curry around, which he makes himself and serves to hungry people. He can also spit out the hot curry inside of his head to attack or burn enemies, but if he spits out too much he gets weaker, and needs to be refilled. He is a friend of Anpanman and Shokupanman.


A superhero with a head made of a slice of white bread. He is friends with Anpanman and Currypanman. Shokupanman has a gentler personality, and enjoys appreciating beautiful or white-colored things, and holds his bread to the same standard. He and Currypanman often see each other as rivals, and will bicker. Shokupanman drives a bread truck and delivers white bread to the town's school.

Uncle Jam

A baker and creator of Anpanman. One day when baking bread, he wished to create bread with life. The next night, magic life-giving shooting stars fell into the chimney while the bread was baking, and Anpanman was born. Since then he always bakes Anpanman's replacement heads. Uncle Jam lives in his bakery with his assistant Batako, Anpanman, Cheese, Melonpanna, and Creampanda. He is a kind old man who loves to spread smiles with his delicious bread. Uncle Jam is also very worldly, often with the most knowledge of old tales, relics, and science. He is also a skilled builder/mechanic, and built the Anpanman Go (car/portable bakery) and other vehicles for our heroes.


Uncle Jam's assistant in the bakery. Batako is a nice and caring girl. She helps baking the anpan, making the anko, and delivering the new heads to Anpanman. She is usually the one to throw the new head to him when he is in trouble. She also sews Anpanman's cape if it gets torn. Batako and Cheese the dog are close friends.


When Anpanman was young, he saved a starving dog and brought him home to the Bakery. He was named Cheese and has lived there since. Cheese has become an invaluable member to the team, keeping watch out the window in case anyone sends a signal that Anpanman is in trouble, and alerting Uncle Jam and the others. He also has a sensitive nose for tracking people or things, and can deliver Anpanman his new heads as well. Cheese cannot speak, only bark. Batako seems to understand him, though, and repeats what he "said" to the others. Cheese is a dependable dog, but can sometimes get impatient or rash.


A germ from Baikin Planet (Germ Planet), and Anpanman's sworn enemy and rival. Baikinman was born from an egg that fell to Earth the same day Anpanman was born. He lives in his Baikin Castle base where he plans to cover the world in germs. However he is usually more interested in causing trouble and stealing food. Baikinman's attacks range from stealing lollipops from children, to full-blown attacks on the town. He dreams of defeating Anpanman, attacking him in his flying UFO. Baikinman's UFO can produce giant punching hands, giant hammers, and other tools. He is skilled in building giant robots. Without his tools he is pretty weak, and shrinks when scrubbed with soap. Baikinman is childish and short-tempered, hates being nice, and wants to ruin everyone's fun. He causes mischief often for no reason. He rarely shows concern for others, the exception being Dokinchan.


Another germ from Baikin Planet, born there and transported to Earth in an egg when she was fully grown. She quickly became Baikinman's partner in crime, and lives with him in Baikin Castle. She used to use a spear as a weapon that could make a person shrink or grow when stabbed, but since has stopped using it. Dokinchan is incredibly bossy, and always whines at Baikinman to get her things. Baikinman usually caves reluctantly to her demands. Even though she is a germ, she likes cleanliness and looking pretty. She has a crush on Shokupanman, and will do anything to gain his affection, even protecting him when it will mean her and Baikinman will lose a battle. Dokinchan is named after the Japanese onomatopoeia ("doki") for a heart beating.


A skeleton who is friends with everyone. He lives with Baikinman and Dokinchan and helps clean and cook for them. He's eager-to-please and friendly, and sides with both the heroes and the villains freely. He is madly in love with Dokinchan, but is always rejected. He tries to constantly impress her by learning new skills or getting her presents, usually messing it up due to clumsiness. He is able to break apart and put himself back together again. His signature attack is his Hone Boomerang (hone = bone), where he takes the the bones off of his shirt and throws them like boomerangs.


The Kabirunrun are Baikinman's minions. They are mold germs (kabi = mold) that can turn anything moldy by touching it. They can weaken the bread heroes by getting their heads moldy. They love dirty and germy places. The Kabirunrun talk by saying "kabi kabi."


A superheroine with a head made of melon bread. Melonpanna lives in the bakery. She is younger than Anpanman, and was also created by Uncle Jam. She is a pleasant and kind girl, and is less quick to get into battles than the others. Her signature attack is her "MeloMelo Punch" (melomelo is an onomatopoeia for being dizzy with love). The punch causes the target to become dizzy and get hearts in their eyes, rendering them helpless for a time. She can also shoot drops of melon juice from her head, which can give weakened people energy. She is always longing to see her older sister, Rollpanna.


A superheroine with a head made of a bread roll. Rollpanna was also created by Uncle Jam, and is Melonpanna's older sister. When Uncle Jam was baking Rollpanna, Baikinman added a bad ingredient to the mix, which caused Rollpanna to be born with two hearts; one good and one evil. When she is around Anpanman, her evil heart takes over, and she becomes Black Rollpanna. Baikinman exploits this often. She returns to normal by seeing or hearing Melonpanna. Due to this, Rollpanna tends to stay far away from everyone, so she doesn't hurt her sister or her friends, but she will always return if she hears Melonpanna in danger. She can attack with her "Roll Ribbon," and her strength rivals Anpanman's.


A young superhero with a head made of custard cream bread. Creampanda is the youngest of the bread-headed superheroes and lives in the bakery. He sees Melonpanna and Rollpanna as his older sisters. He wants to grow up to be like Anpanman, so he tries to do heroics or jobs that are much more suited for older characters. When things go wrong for him, he gets upset easily. He gets the "panda" in his name from the dark rings around his eyes, but he hates being called a panda. Thanks to his head being shaped like a hand, his special attack is the Guu-Choki-Punch (guu-choki-paa meaning rock-paper-scissors), which is a powerful attack, but rarely connects with the target.


A boy with Tenpuradon for a head (breaded shrimp over rice in a bowl). He sings and dances along, offering to make delicious tempuradon to anyone he meets. He brags a lot about how his tempura is the best. He is a bit childish, but a good friend. Tendonman is part of the Donburiman Trio, a group of three characters with Donburi (food over rice in a bowl) for heads. They constantly bicker over who has the best food. The three of them travel as a set, singing their signature songs at the same time with no harmony. If he (or the other Donburis) get the food eaten from their head, they become weak.


A guy with Katsudon for a head (breaded pork cutlets with egg over rice in a bowl). Like Tendonman, he sings his own song and dances while advertising his delicious katsudon. He's a gentlemanly but very dramatic person, and very prideful of own food. He gets emotional easily. It's implied he's from a more western country, because he speaks in English phrases from time to time, and even says "me" instead of a Japanese word for "me" or "I." Tendonman and Kamameshidon are his closest friends, and he once had a crush on Batako.


The third member of the Donburiman Trio, Kamameshidon is a guy with Kamameshidon for a head (Japanese rice dish in a metal pot). He sings and dances to his own song, and adertises his Kamameshi. He dresses and acts like an older Japanese man. He tends to be the one to try his hardest to prove himself out of the three, and will even try changing his identity to do so. Tendonman and Katsudonman are his closest friends, even though the three of them bicker constantly.

Mimi Sensei and the students

Mimi Sensei teaches at the school just outside of town. She is a kind teacher, and will stand up to Baikinman if the kids are in danger, or leads them in calling Anpanman to help. There are many students, but the focus is normally put on just a few of them. Some of them are: Kabao the food-loving hippo, Pyonkichi and Usako the two rabbits, and Chibizou the little elephant.

Baikin Sennin

An old germ hermit who lives in a house in the mountains, he acts like a mentor to Baikinman and friends. He is very tough on Baikinman, punishing him with work, or hitting him on the head if he fails. He is also tough on Horrorman, but gets along better with him than Baikinman. He has a soft spot for Dokinchan, and spoils her. He can fly on a magic cloud, or with a UFO that looks like a convertable car. He keeps an array of mystical and magical relics at his home.


A little germ girl from Baikin Planet who sees Dokinchan as her older sister. Kokinchan ocassionally visited Earth n an egg to come play with Dokinchan, much to Dokinchan's dismay. She was eventually given her own UFO so she could come and leave freely. Kokinchan is a cute little girl who shows her bratty and scheming side when she doesn't get her way. Her specialty is pretending to cry to get what she wants. If anyone is hit by her tears, they start to cry uncontrollably.


A ronin (masterless samurai) with an omusubi (a different name for onigiri, or rice ball) for a head. Omusubiman travels the countryside helping anyone in need. He is fairly cool-headed, only growing angry when Baikinman attacks. He owns a cane-sword that he uses in battle. He has a fairly subdued crush on batako, and will do anything for her. He is Komusubiman's teacher, and helps instruct him to have a similar selfless personality. He starred in a short spin-off of the show, which only made it to the theatrical shorts.


A junior ronin with a rounded omusubi for a head. Komusubiman (a double pun "ko" meaning "child" and "komusubi" being the lowest rank of sumo wrestling) is Omusubiman's student. A bit impulsive and show-offish at times, Komusubiman still wants to prove his worth as a respectable ronin. His main weaponry is marbles, which he uses to shatter glass and trip up enemies. He has a crush on Umeko-chan, and it is highly implied that she reciprocates the feeling.

Hamburger Kid

A cowboy with a hamburger for a head. Hamburger Kid is one of the protectors of the Western Town. He is skilled with a lasso and also owns dual ketchup pistols. If his contents are removed from his head, he loses his power. His horse is named Pickles. Pickles is a smart and loyal horse, and likes Yakisobapanman's horse, White Sauce.


A cowboy with a head made of yakisobapan (pan-fried noodles in a bun). Yakisobapanman is one of the protectors of the Western Town. He is a brave cowboy and an all-around nice guy. He wields dual metal spatulas than he can throw as a boomerang or slap with in his "Herahera Chop" attack ("hera" meaning spatula, herahera meaning "idiotic"). He has a younger sister named Yakisobakasu, whom he is deeply protective of. He rides a female white horse named White Sauce. Sauce is a very smart horse, and likes Hamburger Kid's horse, Pickles.


A living steam locomotive that can ride without rails. SL-Man (short for Steam Locomotive Man) can transport goods to the Western Town or take children to the mountains, and sometimes delivers flour and supllies to Uncle Jam. He's a very friendly and dependable guy. He doesn't need a driver to control him, though he does need the help to shovel coal for him. He loses all steam if his boiler's broken, though with a patch-up and a water refill, he's back to normal. He also can make smoke signals in the shape of Anpanman's head or an SOS in dangerous situations.

Naganegiman and Negi Ojisan

Negi Ojisan is a negi (a scallion) farmer. He spends a lot of time maintaining his crops and distributing them to people in town. He's almost always seen carrying around a basket of negi with him, where he also keeps his Naganegiman outfit. When people are in trouble, Negi Ojisan will hide and change into Naganegiman, a brave and mysterious masked hero. As Naganegiman he is capable of extreme agility, athletics, and swordplay. Wearing the mask gives him confidence to perform feats that he would not normally be able to do as Negi Ojisan. Although Naganegiman is more confident than Negi Ojisan, he is a bit clumsy at times. The only people who know Naganegiman's true identity are Anpanman, Uncle Jam, Batako, Cheese, Baikinman, Dokinchan and Yakisobapanman.

Tekka no Maki-chan

A girl who makes tekka maki (a kind of sushi roll), with sushi rolls for ponytails. For short, she's just called "Maki-chan." She is strong and courageous, and can attack with her sushi-rolling mat like a sword. She goes around saving people in trouble, and making tekka maki. Wasabi can make her stronger.


A travelling samurai made out of Katsuobishu (Dried, fermented, and smoked tuna with a distinctive wood-like texture). His sword is also made of katsuobushi, and he shaves off slivers of it that fly through the air like leaves to announce his presence. Katsubushiman normally has an air of coolness to him, but is easily humbled and often trips up due to clumsiness. He's a skilled fighter and a hero, also serving soba noodles to hungry people. His only weakness is that he is afraid of cats.


A living tube of toothpaste who comes to the town from Hamigaki Mountain to pass out toothbrushes and help the children learn to brush their teeth properly. He carries a giant toothbrush with him which he can attack with. He can squirt toothpaste from his head, to brush teeth with or to shoot at enemies. His toothpaste can also cure cavities. If he runs low on toothpaste, he becaomes crumples and weak. He fights to protect everyone from getting cavities from his arch enemy, Mushibakinman.


A plaque/cavity germ from Baikin Planet, and arch enemy of Hamigakiman. He uses his spear to jab people's faces, causing them to get painful cavities. He is always scheming to defeat Hamigakiman, but if he gets scrubbed with Hamigakiman's toothpaste, he shrinks. He and Baikinman sometimes help each other pull off their evil plans.

Akachanman and Milk Boy

A baby superhero ("Akachan" = "baby"). Akachanman can fly around and help people in danger, but gets weak and sleepy if he gets hungry. He starts as a normal baby, but gains his superpowers when he drinks milk from "Milk Boy", his flying milk bottle friend. He is very much like a regular baby or toddler, crying when upset, taking naps, and speaking in baby-talk. Akachanman still does his best to be a good superhero, and easily makes friends with other children. Milk boy is also very strong, and can also restore Akachanman's energy. Milk Boy can attack by spraying hot milk.


A person with datemaki (rolled sweet omlette) for a head. He is very self-absorbed, and considers himself to be the most popular, getting upset if people like someone else more than him. He is otherwise a nice guy (especially to potential fans), and makes datemaki for everyone to eat. He is based on kabuki actors and ocassionally poses like one.


An actress based on Japanese Takarazuka plays (women play every role), and shiratama (round rice cake). Shiratama-san loves to put on extravagant plays with song and dance at the theater in Anpanland. She acts passionately about everything in life as she would if she were in a play, and takes her plays very seriously. Shiratama-san usually plays more masculine roles, and dresses in many kinds of costumes. She is constantly looking for new people to recruit for her next big play, especially princess or damsel roles. Baikinman constantly invades her plays to ruin them, but she considers him the best actor and a blessing, since it adds more action to the story.


A cute baby train, she likes to play and can give children rides in little carts. She can only speak a few words, mostly saying "Poppo!" (The sound of a train's "choo choo")


A person with Nigauri (bitter melon) for a head. Nigauriman travels the land with his guitar and looks for anyone in danger. He can use his guitar to attack 3 different ways: Shooting Nigauri from the body of the guitar, shooting nigauri juice from the handle, and using the strings like wires. He often and tries to impress people (mostly pretty girls) by performing heroic feats or singing to them while playing his guitar. He gets too cocky, though, and messes up because of it.

Dr. Hiyari

An old mad scientist who lives in Hiyari Castle alone (now with his student Hiyariko, after her theatrical short "Hiya Hiya Hiyariko and Babu babu Baikinman"). His is obsessed with researching and creating ghosts and monsters, and helps with Baikinman's plans.


Dr. Hiyari's student who lives with him at Hiyari Castle. As his understudy, she also experiments with ghosts and science to help Baikinman, but she is incredibly clumsy and causes even more messes the more she tries to help. She is otherwise excitable and tries her best, and regards Dr. Hiyari highly.


A robot boy created by Baikinman. He holds incredible electric energy inside of him. Frankenrobo is a peppy and friendly kid robot who loves his "papa" Baikinman more than anything. However, if Frankenrobo touches anyone, they get electrocuted. Baikinman constantly avoids Frankenrobo so he doesn't get shocked by his electrocuting hugs. Frankenrobo still admires and loves Baikinman anyway. He now lives inside a living lighthouse whose light he helps power with his electricity.

Queen Durian

A queen made of durian who travels in a horse-drawn carriage. Her specialty food is baskets of fruit, including large durian. She is a regal but very selfish queen who does as she pleases. She will even go as far as to take other people's belongings or impersonate people she likes for fun. She travels with her loyal carriage driver and servant, Old Man Avacado.

Chouchin Heiji

A guy with a paper lantern for a head. He carries a jutte as a weapon, looking for any bad guys to take down. Though, he's overzealous and sometimes charges into action at the wrong time. His head can fold down to reveal the candle in his lantern, and he can make a bright light to blind enemies.

Purin-chan and Eclaire-san

Two best friends based on desserts, Purin-chan with a plate of purin on her head, and Eclaire-san with an eclaire for a head. The two are never apart. Purin-chan and Eclaire-san are both curious and fun-loving. They are friends with Melonpanna and Creampanda. They think they're friends with Baikinman, too, but Baikinman hates them as they are careless and break his things when trying to play.

Rare Cheese

A girl Maltese dog who lives with Usako. Her name is a type of Japanese cheesecake. She is Cheese's girlfriend and loves Cheese, even if he sometimes forgets about their dates. Like Cheese, she can only bark instead of speaking.

Salad Prince/ess

Salad Princess is the Princess of the Salad Country, and studies every day to be a fine princess and make delicious salads. Since she's more of a tomboy, she gets bored of this, and runs away dressed as a prince. As the Salad Prince, she rides around on a horse and helps people in danger. She attacks with a salad tong.

Yuzu Princess

A princess with a Yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit) for a head. She is very small, with her head being about the actual size of the fruit (about orange size). Her mentor, Jiiya, teaches her how to be a proper princess. She likes to play and often goes off to see her friend Melonpanna. She trains to fight with a spear-like blade, and always wants to try new things, much to the dismay of the over-protective Jiiya.

Daikon Yakusha and the Denden Troupe

Daikon Yakusha is the leader and main actor in his play troupe, the Denden Troupe. They travel from town to town performing plays. Daikon Yakusha has a daikon for a head, playing off of his name, with "daikon yakusha" being a slang term for "bad/hammy actor." He normally plays the hero in his plays, and acts enthusiastically in the kabuki style with exaggerated faces and poses. While he's a nice guy, he's also a very headstrong and bossy director when it comes to getting his plays just right.


A man with Unadon for a head (eel over rice in a bowl). He travels in a food truck with his friend Sanshou-kun, a small sansho/sinchuan pepper shaker. He serves people only the highest quality unadon, or so he insists it is. He has a sarcastic and proud personality.


A cute young girl with ikuradon for a head (salmon roe over rice in a bowl). She sings a peppy song and skips along to find people to give delicious ikuradon. She's very gentle and friendly, but a little naive, and doesn't see Baikinman as a bad guy. She loves to make ikuradon for people so much, that even if Baikinman captures her and demands food, she will still happily serve her ikuradon to him.

Kaze Kon Kon

A gigantic monster that Baikinman commonly convinces to help him. Kaze Kon Kon's name is derived from the word "Kaze", a word for "wind" and the common cold, and "kon kon", the sound effect for coughing. He can use his long nose to blow out freezing wind at people, causing them to come down with a cold.

Sand Man

A desert-dwelling monster that guards a treasure. Baikinman often manipulates it to help him. In the "Rainbow Pyramid" movie, there could be multiple Sand Men. His main weapon is a horn, which he uses to summon sand tornadoes. In the movie, he also has a triangle (the intstrument), which can turn people into small pyramids.

Ice Queen

An evil Queen who lives in an ice castle. She collects people by freezing them with ice breath and turning them into gems. She can also summon ice wolves. Baikinman tries to use her to defeat Anpanman. She's defeated by being exposed to direct sunlight.

Chibi Ookami/Little Wolf

A young wolf who transforms into a werewolf monster when he sees the full moon. He wears a sleeping mask so he doesn't see the moon at night. Sometimes round things that look like the moon will scare him. Despite having to be alone because of this, he's a nice wolf who really wants to make friends.

Ramen Angel

A little angel who flies around in a huge ramen bowl. He travels around and gives delicious ramen to hungry people.

Nori Nori Norihei

Norihei is a very energetic guy with a container of nori for a head (Nori is seaweed, "nori nori" is a Japanese slang for being in high spirits). He's always in a rush and jumps to conclusions easily. He's very proud of his tasty nori, and he can shoot it out from his head to stick to enemies.

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